Nike Missile Project 


On February 4, 2005 two decommissioned Nike Ajax Missiles were delivered to Sandy Hook from the Air Force Space and Missile Museum at Patrick Air Force Base, Cape Canaveral, Florida.  Transportation costs were provided by The Sandy Hook FoundationThanks to the efforts of the NPS, the missiles have been restored and can be seen with the original launch and radar sites located just north of the ranger station.

The missiles, used in the early 1950’s, signify an important era in U.S. military defense in which Sandy Hook played a substantial role.  The two Nike Ajax missiles are currently being restored at Sandy Hook facilities and then will be displayed to the public.  Each Nike Missile is 21 feet in length (34’ 10” with booster) with a diameter of 12 inches.  The wingspan is 4 ft, 6 in and each weighs over 1,000 pounds (over 2,455 with booster).  

For more information on historic military displays on Sandy Hook please call the Visitor’s Center at 732-872-5970.